Our history

This is how our story began!

Over the past few years I have dedicated myself to healing and educating thousands of women seeking to reverse aging and restore damage accumulated throughout their lives.

I did it as a doctor in consultation and as an educator through radio, television and since 2010, from the social networks of @soysaludable.

With a current community of more than two and a half million people, I have dedicated myself day and night to preventing, educating and inspiring. But he knew that wasn't enough.

The market was saturated with "miracle products" of poor quality and dubious origin, which offered false promises and were not accompanied by education to transform lifestyles.

That's why I decided to create ENJOY!, our solution to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind, create healthy routines and a lifestyle that helps you live longer and better.

ENJOY! It will help you reverse accumulated cellular damage, a product of the wrong decisions of the past.

Our formulas work because we take great care of their origin and quality and because they are also complemented with natural rejuvenation protocols, which include healthy habits for the mind and body.

Education, good habits, joy, food and supplementation. This is the perfect formula to enjoy your life.

Dr. Samar Yorde
Doctor - Anti-Aging Coach

Who is Dr. Samar Yorde?

Dr. Samar Yorde is a physician, author, researcher, speaker and influencer expert in natural rejuvenation, epigenetics and longevity.

Her life purpose is to serve as a channel of love, joy and inspiration to naturally heal the women who are part of our community, while continuing to enjoy the journey. His nature is happy, outgoing and enthusiastic.

For more than 13 years, she has been creating content for the @SoySaludable platform, where she is dedicated to teaching women over 30 about the simplest and safest strategies to live in an ageless body.

She is the author of four books focused on cooking and healthy eating:

Starting in 2023, it launched the @enjoybysamar platform with natural solutions to live longer and better, starting with anti-aging formulas combined with natural rejuvenation protocols.

Its ability to transmit medical and scientific information in a natural, simple and understandable way has been the greatest positioning differential, together with its great ability to create content in different formats and platforms.

We welcome you to our anti-aging world!

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